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3 Easy Steps to Effective Exhibiting

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

For years, pop up displays have been the "knee jerk" purchase when buying trade show exhibits for most consumers, but is that a big mistake? After you have been informed about the importance of a pre-show briefing and what it can potentially do for your business, and also have learned what employees will best benefit from the briefing, and what some of the details to include in your briefing are, you should now be ready to learn what the most important parts of a pre-show briefing are. In this article you will learn what the 3 most important steps to include in your pre-show briefing are. These steps will help you and your booth staff see the whole picture and understand what the foundational goals of your trade show exhibit will be for the trade show event you are about to participate in.

 First you must develop approach questions for your booth staff to have prepared when it comes time to meet and greet with the attendees. Develop questions for different booth scenarios such as, questions for when a prospect approaches the booth on their own, questions to ask while a demonstration or sampling is going on within the booth, and then questions for no particular scenario at all. This will help everyone feel prepared for anything and everything that the event brings their way. Confidence is key when manning a successful trade show exhibit.

Next, you need to stress the importance of an effective trade show exhibit presentation to wow all the potential prospects that visit the booth. Help the booth staff come up with an introduction, body, and conclusion that includes all the important information about the company, products, etc. If you can introduce this idea during a pre-show briefing, it will give everyone time to brainstorm and practice a presentation so that there are no surprises the day of.

Finally, you must help your booth staff must understand the importance of how to follow-up on all the leads acquired at the event. Research shows that 80% of all leads generated at trade show events are mishandled in the future. If you can teach your staff how to make a contact at the event, and then most importantly how to follow-up with that contact after the event, then chances are you will have a winning year at any trade show you attend with your trade show exhibit!

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