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Exhibitor Resources

Welcome to ShopForExhibits' Resources Section. We have brought together a wealth of helpful information for our valued and prospective clients. We strive to always be up-to-date with the best that the trade show industry has to offer. 

Last Minute Trade Show Printing Services: 

How often have you been down to the last minute before a show and realized that you needed an additional supply of brochures, literature, or even business cards, and producing it at the last minute would be horribly expensive not to speak of what the shipping would cost. But now there's an answer.


Why not submit your document files online and receive a fantastic price, and better yet, have it printed in the same region as your show is located which allows you the luxury of a little more time and the value of shipping ground and not overnight! Ask us how we can make that happen for you!

And when you're not in a rush, you might want to compare our printing pricing against what you've traditionally paid. You might be really surprised.

Pushing Service to a Higher Level-Need Help?

 Every business has different needs when it comes to trade shows, but if you're a business professional and find that the physical handling of your booth is more than you want to deal with 5 or 6 times a year, then we may have a solution for you. SFE can provide a number of levels of service for you such as:

  • Booth storage: storage, packaging, and shipping services.
  • Graphic design: for all your booth graphic, and literature needs
  • Complete logistic services: to ship, track, and return or forward your booth to its' next destination
  • Service Kits: Tired of sifting through a 110 page service kit to find the 6 pages of information/order forms that you need to fill out and submit by the show's "early order" deadline? We can do that too! We order everything from lead retrieval, to plants, to carpet in a fraction of the time it might take you.
  • Rental Components: Need something a little different such as a special podium for a one time use, or someone who can bring high end technology to your presentation? We can get your presentation up to speed; fast!
  • Complete Booth Management: Do you have a bit larger booth and you really want someone else to "birddog" it so you don't have to? Are you beginning to realize that at some point in time it is more important to focus on what prospects are going to visit your booth rather than why there is still a few fuzz balls on the new carpet even after the cleaning crew just finished your booth?

SFE has provided these services for companies that have one show per year all the way up to those who have 50 shows each year. So if you are a little curious as far as what we could do for you, just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-342-9579 and we will be happy to visit with you and explore what good things could come from a relationship with each other.  

Union Rules by City

Provided compliments of our partners at Momentum Management
If you're not familiar with how union contracts work with public facilities, this is an opportunity see who has control over what jobs and how you, as an exhibitor, are going to be effected. It will answer questions like whether you or your employees can work along side the union help, or what equipment you can supply yourself. Check these rules out: It's better to know them now so that you can plan accordingly, rather than realize it when it's too late. You'll learn fun facts like: in Boston, you (yes, you) have to provide the tools for the union workers in your booth. 


Design Services 

We have fantastic on-staff designers for our clients in need of design services.  Our designers are visual experts, who can make your ideas a reality, or consult with you to develop graphics that will elevate your branding and draw clients to your trade show booth. Let us guide you through the design process, and help you create a display to remember!


Search Ad Specialties, Giveaways and Gifts

Looking for a message that lasts? Why not add your logo to the perfect "giveaway" and let your message carry itself back to your clients office or home. These useful additions have the ability to reach your audience the whole year long!


Exhibit Design Search

"Exhibit Design Search" is an amazing tool that gives you the ability to see thousands of well-designed displays of all sizes and price points to find that perfect one that fits both your needs and price point.



Some clients have particularily great demands when it comes to their exhibit and graphic needs. Imagine how helpful the ability to keep an online inventory of properties to maintain and distribute to shows on your schedule coudl be. The ExhibitForce program allows for all of this and more!


Trade Show Widgets

At ShopForExhibits, we get great joy out of providing excellent service to our valued customers. These trade show widgets were designed with our clients' needs in mind. They can help you plan, budget, and succeed overall!