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Trade Show Definitions

Trade Show Displays | Conference Displays

Marketing with quality Conference displays is an essential part of any business. One of the most efficient places to market your business is at a convention that pertains to your services or industry respectively.

Trade Show Displays | Banner Stands

If you're used to displaying large-format graphics, banner stands are both lightweight and portable and are used for a large variety of display purposes. Sizes of banner stands vary depending on their intended use.

Trade Show Displays | Convention Displays

Convention displays are excellent tools that are used to draw attention to a product or service, with their main aim of attracting potential customers. They are found in varying forms and sizes because there are many different ways for you to get your message across. General types of convention displays which are used are the kiosks, pop-up exhibits, panel systems and display boards and tension fabric displays.  Each convention display is designed for a specific and deliberate purpose.

Convention Table Top Displays | Trade Show Displays

When you exhibit your products at a trade show, you want to make a lasting impression on all prospective customers. With convention table top displays from ShopForExhibits, you can do just that without hurting your wallet.

Trade Show Displays | Design Search

Design Search is for those who are looking for a trade show exhibit but just not satisfied with the standard run-of-the-mill display. Know exactly what you want but can't find it anywhere? In the market for an exhibit that will blow the doors off of your competition?

Display Boards | Trade Show Displays

Display Boards, sometimes known as flat panel displays like table-top displays, (right), are a quick, and easy way of setting up a great presentation at a trade show. They are especially useful where space is tight and the presenter is operating on a limited budget. Their 360 degree adjustable hinges make them perfect for drawing attention from any angle, while keeping front-and-center viewers focused on your products.

Display Booths

Display booths on the ShopForExhibits web site is we sell as part of a long line of quality displays that are available at affordable prices. It is essential to ensure that your display booth is of good quality if you want to successfully and professionally promote your exhibit.

Display Rentals

There's normally a time in the life of a company who marketd their brand at Trade Shows, when you'll find yourself needing to consider display rentals. Perhaps you’re either trying to attend two trade shows in different parts of the country at almost the same time, or you decide to venture out and sign up for a larger booth at a particular show and just don't feel that a purchase is feasible; that’s when a trade show display rental is of great value.

Display Stands

This general category called display stands, describes products that can vastly improve your sales performance at trade shows. At a trade show image is everything. If you are trying to get new customers or creating brand awareness for your company you will need a booth or display that shows your company’s products or services in the most professional manner.

Exhibit Design Search

Exhibit Design Search is there to assist you when you're looking for a trade show exhibit, but just not satisfied with the standard run-of-the-mill displays? Know exactly what you want but can't find it anywhere? In the market for an exhibit that will blow the doors off of your competition? If you are in dire need of a fresh perspective when it comes to trade show exhbits, then you need to check out the Exhibit Design Search function on ShopforExhibits!

Exhibit Displays

Quality exhibit displays that you purchase to display your products and services at a trade show is the perfect platform for sourcing new customers for your up and coming business. A trade show is a gathering of business representatives in a single location, and this allows for clients and customers to come and see what a particular industry has to offer.

Exhibit Rentals

Would you consider exhibit rentals to promote your products and services at trade shows? Are you tired of looking around at everyone else's booths and wondering why yours isn't as nice or doesn't have as much pizzaz? At ShopForExhibits, we have the remedy for the "Envy Blues" with a high quality trade show exhibit rental that will leave all your peers rife with jealousy.

Exhibition Displays

Making a memorable impression is a crucial part of a successful exhibition – it’s the entire reason you’re there in the first place. While a lot of work and preparation goes into making sure your exhibition is well-organized and effective, there’s one more piece that’s just as important as everything else: your exhibition displays.

Graphic Display Cases | Trade Show Displays

Why choose a graphic display case? Display cases are the perfect way to present your items in a secure way when you don’t want people physically handling your products. It just makes good sense to enclose them in a display case rather than leave them exposed and risk damage, theft or harm to those around.

Hybrid Trade Show Displays | Perfect 10 Display

Hybrid Trade Show Displays defines a class of trade show displays that are created with a combination of some of the customary elements used in the industry over the years such as aluminum extrusion and laminate, but combines them wtih newer components such as tension fabric.

Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays

Magellan Miracle Trade Show Displays are synomonouos with "Style" and attention to detail in the creation of a whole new generation of portable trade show displays that not only looks great, but also are in a price range that is sure to please shoppers that are more used to gettiing sticker shock than value these days.

Outdoor Banner Stands | Trade Show Displays

Outdoor Advertising Products such as outdoor banner stands have always been a little tricky to say the very least, and more often than not, down right dangereous most of the time due to the unpredictable nature of the wind. Quite often any attempt to put an advertising message in front of the public on a windy day is like hoisting a giant sail on a very small boat, because the outcome is about the same.

Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays | Trade Show Displays

The Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays system by Classic, has proven to be not only one of the more unique new systems in 20 years, buy has provided a new excitment in portable displays not seen in decades.
What makes a portable system exciting? Well...

Pop Up Displays | Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays for trade shows give an exhibitor a big image that's easy to set up...all at a very reasonable price point. They are utilized in tradeshows, malls, and business environments of all types.

Pop Up Trade Show Exhibits

Pop up trade show exhibits offer unique marketing solutions for exhibitors of all sizes, while attracting attention toward a company’s products and services. Pop up displays for trade show exhibits can be featured independently or they can be used alternatively in conjunction with other trade show displays, namely, banner stands and literature displays.

Portable Show Displays

Portable Show Displays are a great long-term investment for any company who promotes their products and services outside of their office environment. Many businesses who have transported standard displays may have found that they are difficult to maintain and that transportation costs can drain your budget pretty quick.

Portable Trade Show Displays | Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays and tradeshow booths in general are a popular tool used by various businesses in order to promote their product and/or services. Unfortunately, while they are great vehicles to use at major industry events, custom booths are expensive to transport, and set-up and tend to be quite heavy. If promoting a business product entails exhibiting at smaller industry events, then portable trade show displays are ideal.

Portable Trade Show Exhibits

If you frequently display your products or services at trade shows and exhibits, then mobility and portability is bound to be an important factor for you when it comes to the structure of your exhibit. ShopForExhibits has a vast array of customizable portable trade show exhibits to suit your specific needs.

Portable Tradeshow Exhibit

Today's tradeshow environment is very competitive, so full-size, full-color custom photomurals blanketed upon a portable tradeshow exhibit are the best way to ensure your company gets noticed. A portable tradeshow exhibit is very mobile and will create a polished, professional image for your business.

Portable Tradeshow Travel Cases

Your company just bought a new tradeshow display to show off the new product line you are launching. This unit is going to be travelling with you to show after show, city after city on a journey to educate and promote what it is you have to offer. How are you going to keep your new purchase in good enough shape night after night, plane ride after plane ride? With a quality portable tradeshow shipping case, that's how!

Retractable Show Banner Stands | Trade Show Displays

Retractable Show Banners stands have quickly become the preferred method of displaying a message or creating an impression on a large scale with minimum amounts of hardware to contend with.

Sacagawea Hybrid Displays | Trade Show Displays

Innovation just became more fun with the New Sacagawea Hybrid Displays by Classic. Enjoy some of the fun designs that the other heavier and more expensive hybrid systems have but only pay a fraction of what they cost!

Show Booths

It is essential that your Show Booths are both attractive and practical. After all, isn't it a reflection of you and your product? Trade Show booths of good quality and value for the money, are an investment in your company's future.

Show Display

A portable show display is a great investment for any company who promotes their products and services outside of their office environment. Many businesses who have ever transported standard displays may have found that they are difficult to maintain and that transportation costs a fortune. This makes a portable tradeshow display a perfect solution.

Show Displays | Segue Custom Hybrid Display

If you are a small business owner looking to purchase a show displays for a trade show for the very first time, it can be a very confusing experience. With all the different types of show displays available to you, how do you know exactly which one you will need in order to attract the most customers to your trade show booth?

Show Displays

To create the right effect and impact on your target market, you have to have proper show displays that reflect your precise image and identity. At ShopForExhibits, we offer a full menu of tailor made trade show displays at below retail prices. Browse our SWeb site and you'll see that our selection can't be beat.

Silicone Edge Trade Show Display Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG): fabric graphics are finished with a silicone welting sewn to the back perimeter edge of the fabric. Unlike round beaded finishing options SEG is a flat silicone welting. This edge is then inserted into a groove on the perimeter of the frame to create a taut, flat display with a neatly finished corner.

Trade Show Accessories

Where there's a trade show booth, trade show accessories won't be far away. Trade show accessories are the elements that dress up a booth and make it special. Accessories range from carpet, flooring, lighting, specialty chairs, literature stands, table runners and throws, and a host of other items too numereous to mention.

Trade Show Banner

Are you searching for an eye catching trade show banner stand that can provide passers by with information about an event, function or service, or perhaps the launch of a new product or business opening? At ShopForExhibits we have the solutions; providing you with a plethora of cost effective Trade Show Banner plus stands and flags.

Trade Show Booths

Let's say that your company is launching a new product line at its' annual trade show and has placed you in charge of procuring a new trade show booths to help market your product. If you are reading this entry, then odds are you are in desperate need of some professional help. At ShopForExhibits, you are welcomed with open arms by people who feel your pain and know how just how to cure it.

Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are a demanding experience which can be deeply rewarding for the bottom line of a company. Companies both big and small can reap enormous benefits from having a memorable and engaging display at a trade show. Don't let the market ignore you!

Trade Show Exhibit Displays

With today's challenges of stricter budgets and more fierce competition, it's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to marketing. In the arena of trade show exhibit displays, so many companies struggle to produce an effective trade show exhibit booth, often wasting precious time and resources on products that are complicated and over-priced.

Trade Show Exhibits

Craftsmanship, Reliability, High Quality; These all describe the many unique lines of trade show exhibits that we offer at ShopForExhibits. As our name says, we have created an easy way to purchase high quality trade show exhibits and displays without ever leaving your office or home.

Trade Show Graphics

Trade Show Graphics are vital when you’re showcasing your business at a trade expo or convention, you want to make the biggest impression possible. This can be difficult to achieve when you’re competing against dozens or even hundreds of other companies, all fighting for the attention of the same visitors.

Literature Stands

Literature stands help an exhibitor organize his display materials and keep a professional appearance during times of total chaos. Made from a variety of materials including, plastic, aluminum and rollaway fabric, literature stands are ideal for use in trade shows and any other area of marketing where business promotions take place.

Trade Show Marketing

With today's challenges of stricter budgets and more fierce competition, it's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to Trade Show Marketing. In the arena of trade show marketing, so many companies struggle to produce an effective trade show exhibit; often wasting precious time and resources on products that are complicated and over-priced.

Trade Show Pop Up Display  | Trade Show Displays

In the world of marketing, a Trade Show Display, especially a Trade Show Pop Up Display, can bring your product or service to the public's attention in an amazing way. Hitting the regular trade show circuits that your industry has to offer may be one of the best ways to keep your audience informed of what it is that you have to offer, and Pop Up Displays play a big role.

Trade Show Portable Display Pop Ups

In the world of marketing, bringing your product or service to the public's attention is the key focus of your job. Hitting the regular trade show circuits that your industry has to offer may be one of the best ways to keep your audience informed of what it is that you have to offer.

Trade Shows

Each year thousands of Trade Shows are held in exhibit halls around the country for the purpose of educating, informing, and demonstrating new products and communicating new ideas in various fields of interest. From the very first trade show in America during the early part of the 20th century to the lavish exhibit halls in virtually every city in the U.S., trade showshave become an integral part of the marketing of products and services in America.

Tradeshow Displays

Since the advent of the convention hall, large forums filled with very ornate tradeshow displays are nothing outside of common in the marketing world. In fact, it is very important to be noticed and stand out at any customer-filled event or you won’t make money or get clients. Having an eye-popping trade show display is the first step in making sure your company attracts the audience you want, and the results you deserve.

V Burst Graphic System | Pop Up Displays

The V Burst Graphic System is an all-in-one pop up trade show display with a fabric graphic attached via Velcro right to the frame. You never have to assemble separate graphic or fabric panels or hassle with too many parts or tools. Simply take it out of the case, pull it open and sit back and enjoy your display.

Xpressions SNAP Display | Pop Up Displays

It’s important to have advertising material to promote your business at special advertising events and at all other places that it could be possible to promote yourself. This is easy with displays like Xpressions Snap being available. It’s easy to set up, its affordable and its easy to access and order.