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Trade Show Exhibits

Below is a catalogue of distinctive exhibit display systems that are categorized by brand. When you view each category you will see what benefits that system offers as well as images of various products which when clicked on, will take you to that product page. 

ShopForExhibits carries a wide array of trade show exhibits that we feel offer our clients, not only quality hardware, but quality design as well. There's no upside going to a show with a great booth and a silly design, and the reverse is true too. This is why we don't carry a lot of product that has just come off the China boat and is stacked up in a warehouse ready to be picked and pulled and sent on its' way to you. With, the vast majority, if not all of all our creative trade show exhibit products are made to order which means that you can not only design and receive a totally creative marketing message, but you can also decide the color of the framework of the metal that it's being framed within. This is what separates ShopForExhibits from the crowd! Below are a few of the more popular types of trade show exhibits that we feel you might like to look at:

Aero Overhead Tension Fabric Structures | Trade Show Exhibits

Aero Overhead Tension Fabric Structures:  Are one of the most dramatic ways that you can get attention to your island trade show exhibit space at a major exhibition. Let me tell you a few things about them. 

Aero Table Top Exhibits | Trade Show Exhibits

Aero Table Top Exhibits:  They were created for one reason, and one reason only and that was to be different! The reason is simple. If you ever go to trade shows where table top displays are the predominant style of  trade show exhibit that exhibitors use, then how easy is it to get lostin th sea of flat panel and small pop up table top exhibits? Pretty easy, right!

Counters, Pedestals, Kiosks, & Workstations | Trade Show Exhibits

Counters & Pedestals Kiosks & Workstations:  Sometimes a fancy trade show exhibit booth  can only do so much in presenting your products and  ideas;

Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays | Trade Show Exhibits

Perfect 10 Custom Modular Hybrid Displays A dynamic new looking trade show exhibit concept that does what no other modualr hybrid in the market does which is "differentiates itself from the pack." How you ask?

Sacagawea Modular Exhibits | Trade Show Exhibits

The Sacagawea Custom Modular Exhibits have taken the modular trade show exhibit world by storm, and can truely compete for the title as "most popular new exhibit system of the decade." There are many reasons for this, but first of all you think of value when you think of Sacagawea because its made from

The Magellan Miracle | Trade Show Exhibits

The Magellan Miracle is one of a series of new trade show exhibits from Classic Exhibits in Portland, Oregon. These new high profile trade show exhibits are produced with metal, fabric, wood, acryhlics, and the right splash of color to create a marketing marvel that's sure to attract attention in any venue. But what makes the Magellan a Miracle?

Visionary Designs by Classic | Trade Show Exhibits

The Visions by Classic line of Custom Modular Hybrid  Displays truly sets the stage for the trade show exhibit world with exhibits which always draw attention, because no two models are alike;  which gives you the feeling of having a one of a kind exhibit!