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Booth Configuration

When preparing for your trade show event it is important to think about the design and layout of your trade show booths configuration before arriving at the actual show. This will help you save time and possibly money once you get there. If you are prepared and know what you want, you can then tackle the set-up plan; this way you will arrive at the show with an idea of how you want your trade show display to look, and how long it will take your crew to make it happen.

Pop Up Displays | Show DisplaysThere are typically four traditional booth configurations that work well with many styles and trends of different companies as well as different trade show events. There is the standard in line approach, which basically just means that your trade show exhibit is set-up in a straight line next to other exhibitors booths. It is standard and simple, which can save time and energy if you are ill-prepared for a certain event. There is also the corner configuration if you are lucky enough to score this location at an event. This maximizes the traffic flow to your exhibit displays, and also gives you an open and airy look that will attract potential customers. There is also the peninsula configuration, which is a little bit of both the in-line and the corner approaches. It is a good idea for exhibitors who need a little extra space to showcase their products or displays. Lastly, there is the island configuration, which is a great alternative to the peninsula if you are wanting more space for interactive media, giveaways, etc.

Most importantly, you should choose the configuration that best suites your trade show objectives. Ultimately, if your company and booth staffers are not satisfied and comfortable, then it will not be meeting all of your goals. Remember, to think in terms of versatility and style. If the configuration can draw attention and positive traffic flow, then all of your objectives will be met.

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