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Budget Saving Ideas

Trade Show Marketing has become expensive over the past several years, and when preparing for a trade show, there are a lot of factors involved in regards to the budget. These things include, renting space, designing top of the line displays and banner stands, hiring a motivated and experience staff to successfully advertise and sell your services, and the list goes on and on.

Although, this may seem overwhelming at times, there is no doubt that it is worth it, if executed properly. Event marketing continues to be a successful way to profitably market and sell trades and services to the general public.

Pop Up Displays | Show DisplaysIn this article, I will be offering up a few ideas on how you can easily save money and salvage the budget for the most important aspects of the exhibit. These are simple budget saving solutions that will not force your presentation to suffer. Transportation is an area that has budget saving potential. If you plan ahead and prepare for product shipment well in advance, the chances of saving money are greater. It is best to arrange transportation with the official freight forwarder provided by the particular show; this will ensure on-time delivery and help cut a few dollars if arranged far enough in advance. Labor is another area with budget saving potential. Be sure to read the show rules carefully, but in some instances, you may be allowed to provide your own labor for set-up, etc. If this is not the case, you may be able to cut back on your spending by making sure that your trade show display needs as little work as possible. Conducting a pre-show checkup will allow you to make sure your trade show booth is in good condition and will not need much assistance from the on-site laborers.

Trade show promotion is the last budget-saving topic we will discuss. An easy way to cut your promotion spending is to plan ahead. If you prepare for the entire year, it will give you the cost advantage of multi-unit purchasing of advertising space, etc. Also, making it clear to your trade show exhibit staff, that promotional giveaways and items should only be given out to serious potential customers. This will stretch the life of your product, which in return will save money. Cutting costs, never means cutting quality. Remember to plan ahead, and cut corners when possible. Saving a few extra dollars in one area, gives the most important areas of trade show advertising room to flourish and grow.

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