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Can You Differentiate Yourself w/Pop Ups? Part II

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

In my last blog post I told about my initial impressions of Pop Up Displays from a time before I was in the trade show industry, which made my observations a little more valid because they were formed before I became an industry insider. Let me explore with you my thinking then and especially how as it has evolved over time.

One of the things you learn in business is the importance of your brand, and what lengths you must go to in order to protect it and make it known in the marketplace. That brand is what you're trying to differentiate in the marketplace from all other competitors; either real or perceived. Now in the process of differentiating your product at a trade show using pop up displays, what would be the value of placing your brand in the middle of a sea of mediocrity? Maybe that's too strong or harsh a judgment of what people do, but when you're in the middle of a row and all the booths on your right and left and across the aisle, all have the same shape and ultimately all blend in with each other, isn't that what you've ultimately done?Trade Show Displays | Pop Up Displays

In the back of your mind I'm sure you want your product and brand to be unique, but showing off your brand with pop up displays is like residing in the trade show equivalent of a row house, isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. Now I'm not going to take time here to list the many alternatives, but there are many.

One other pet gripe of mine must also be stated here which is how some brand managers decide what type of display they're going to buy. Now above I made the point that the decision on how and where to display and promote your brand is a very important decision, but there are some people out there that when it comes to making that all important decision, make it on the basis of the size shipping case that the pop up displays comes in, and in one decision that I witnessed, it came down to the size of his secretary's car trunk; because she was going to drive it to the convention center and she owned a YUGO! 

Let me just say that there are many decisions on branding and promoting of one's product that are made in a very dimly lit room, and without a lot of forethought, but when it comes to your product and the success it will achieve in the marketplace, don't you think what you look like, deserves a little more thought?

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