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Communication Objectives: Surveys

Giving trade show attendees who have visited your trade show displays, an exit survey is a great way to collect data and information that will help you plan for events in the future.  With the help and permission of the event show management, you can have an independent researcher, or an exhibit team member, at the exit door to stop attendees on their way out.  They will stop people and ask them to complete a survey. 

Making sure the survey is quick and painless is important; after a long day of visiting countless trade show displays, the only thing on their mind is probably leaving.Tension Fabric Displays | Show Displays

Another way to collect information that will help you in the future is to conduct telephone surveys after the trade show is completed.  Telephone surveys are usually conducted within the next 14 days after the event.  You can hire an independent research firm to do the calling for your company, which makes it even easier.  The research firm will contact trade show attendees in order to complete a quick questionnaire.  The questions are usually pretty general in order to not overwhelm the delegates.  The information gathered from these surveys could hold the key to your success.  Sometimes, there are minor details overlooked by your organization that could be tweaked and fixed in order to attract more potential customers.  Listening to the consumer is going to allow you and your team members to gain a fresh new perspective from someone on the other side of the trade show displays.  This information if used correctly can help you get to know the consumers better in hopes to meet their needs more effectively in the future.

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