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Custom or Hybrid Booths

Recently booth technology has changed drastically. The options can seem overwhelming and endless. Although it may be overwhelming, you must make sure to think over every possible option when it comes to booth design, because in essence it is the mother ship of your whole persona. Your trade show display booth signifies who you are, and is the first impression that attendees get of your company.

It should be taken seriously, and once you decide what is the best fit, you can continue to design and build the accessories around the base, to have the best booth in town.

Custom Modular Hybrid Displays | Show DisplaysOften times the question is whether you should go with a custom booth, hybrid booth, or display rentals to best meet your trade show needs. One thing to keep in mind is that custom exhibits have a whole different level of expense than hybrid exhibits. The extra expenses are due to the size of the exhibit, the weight, and also the drayage costs. Either the custom or the hybrid booth can both be very impressive, it all depends on how they are designed and set up, and also what kind of people are working at them, and what colors and accessories are used, etc. Hybrid exhibits take advantage of large fabric graphics, and with a hybrid booth you can create a huge booth look without any solid walls. With custom booths the drayage costs are the major problem with their appeal. You have to have the unions bring the booth from the dock to the store and then return them all at the end of the show, and this can add up when thinking in terms of shipping. Especially, with the way gasoline prices have been in recent years, it may be a bit too much when everything is added up to go the custom route.

Overall, it is just good to know your options when thinking about booth design and what would be the best fit for your company. You need to take your needs into consideration and weigh your options. If it is worth it to stretch your budget and go with a more expensive impressive booth, then make the decision and stick to it.

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