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Display Rentals or Purchase?

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

More good information on Trade Show Displays: Another important choice you will have to consider regarding your participation in trade shows, is whether to rent or buy a booth. If you are only going to need a booth once a year, or wish to test fly a certain type of display booth rather than purchasing, display rentals is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if your company is planning on attending many shows, than you should consider purchasing a booth. 

Factors to consider are; how many times a year is your company going to be attending trade shows? If yours is a small business or a business that is just getting started, than you will probably want to consider display rentals. With the money you save on a purchase, you'll have more to put back into promotional items, temporary help, and all of your other expenses.

If you decide to buy, your display can be custom built into whatever configuration you choose. You can expect such a booth to last up to five years. However, you will also have to consider storage and upkeep costs.

Renting gives you added the flexibility of being able to experiment with different styles of booths over the course of many shows. The cost of display rentals is approximately a third of what it costs to own. Styles range from a variety of curved & straight frame full height pop ups, to hybrid displays, and tension fabric displays. Each can be arranged in an almost infinite variety of configurations and combined with flooring, kiosks, literature stands, and other components.

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