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Display Rentals - Rule #1-It's About Graphics

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

What's the single most important aspect in considering renting a Trade Show Display?

The answer might surprise you! Being able to rent trade show displays isn't anything new, because for as long as trade show displays have been around there has always been somebody that was more than willing to rent you a booth rather than sell it to you; especially if you rent it over and over again. In the trade show decorating business, the old adage was always; "why sell something to an exhibitor when you can rent it to him over and over?"

The feeling was that you'd have to be crazy to do that. This is why G.E.S., Freeman, Champion, and all the other contractors will never sell anything more complicated than velcro to an exhibitor; which has been a business model that has successfully and I might also add profitably, stood the test of time.Trade Show Displays | Rental Displays

What ingredients make for perfect display rentals? Unfortunately, display rentals over the years have for the most part looked like a "rental" display, and not may other thing in the business world make you look like an ordinary member of the pack as quickly as having a booth that looks rented. Then, how do you escape the stigma of having a rented display when that is the only thing you can do due to circumstances or budget?

Begin by finding trade show display rentals that are primary a graphic and not a hardware package. After all, it's the hardware package that when it's seen over and over again, that pretty soon gets etched in the minds of show goers and begins labeling your company's identities as "one of those rental booths." However, if what's noticed first about the booth is spectacular dye sublimation images and perhaps good product demonstration, then the hardware melts into the background and the exhibitor's overall message stands out rather than metal and laminate.

Now what I just wrote is only going to work with an effective graphic package for display rentals. That's when you find somebody who's educated and trained in graphic design and knows what works and what doesn't . You have to assume that you, as president of the company, really don't know what you're talking about when it comes to trade show graphics and therefore have to put your ego aside and do it right the first time. After all, your company's fortunes and future might depend upon it. 

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