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Displays That Accommodate Monitors

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

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It used to be that trade show participants were only expected to show up and staff a table – a “booth” that the company had purchased as the face of their business at this particular event. Most companies would bring literature – brochures, fliers, and other printed material;

and some may have even brought a banner with the company logo on it, but in general the visual stimulation provided by early pop up displays was minimal at best.

Today, the trade show participant is expected to come with their “A” game as the trade show environment is about as competitive as the business world at large. Trade show booths are bigger, brighter, and more comprehensive than ever; companies compete with the best materials and resources they can muster – understanding as they do that such an event is an opportunity to gain traction within their industry and attract new business. The modern twist to pop up displays is the inclusion of multi-media components – video and audio components played across one monitor or multiple flat screen monitors. This holds true with both display rentals and purchases. Such accessories are visually impactful, highly sophisticated, and a way for companies to reach their audience on a number of different levels. This inspires many companies to work with professionals that are skilled and experienced in creating high end trade show displays that easily accommodate the inclusion of television monitors to deliver their message; even in pop up displays. Trade show booths created by professionals will be customized to meet the specific needs of the participating company and will include a number of design elements that will best brand the name and face of the company through the use of custom-made trade show exhibits. Just as we spend our time and money promoting our company through traditional methods – print advertising, radio, television, and so forth, so must we understand the need for well funded, well designed trade show booths should we decide to participate in a show or several shows throughout the year.

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