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Do It Yourself , Part II

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

In the last post we talked about the do-it-yourself movement and its effect on not only the average homeowner but also the average business that is trying to be mindful of their bottom line in this struggling economy. There are a great number of businesses that, in trying to save themselves money, only wind up costing themselves money in the end. And it pays to be mindful of what the company can bear as an organization in terms of bringing it in house and what is best left to the professionals.

 We began to talk about the decision that many companies make to participate in a trade show; something that when done correctly is money well spent and can often lead to new business that will grow a company and broaden its client and customer base. But just as often, companies commit to trade show participation only to hold back in terms of the financial commitment it requires to really represent the company well and do all that is possible to drum up interest. This is often because companies are put off by the amount of money required to participate in a trade show – the rental of portable displays and so forth – and stop short of garnering professional assistance with their trade show displays. Instead, many companies insist that they can create something themselves and wind up falling far short in representing themselves in the most sophisticated way possible.

Consider for a moment that portable displays are your business card in a trade show environment; they are what will essentially brand you for trade show attendees. When trade show displays are created professionally and on-point they are a dramatic statement to those in attendance that this is a company that is worth getting to know. Conversely, when portable displays are less than stellar, or worse, appear to be thrown together, this also sends a message that the company in question is, well, questionable. Participating in a trade show is an investment in time and in money. By stopping short of representing your company to the best of your ability with well designed portable displays you are putting that investment in jeopardy.

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