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The Effectiveness of Product Demonstrations

In the world of advertising, the options are endless. When preparing for a trade show, there are a number of ideas and strategies used to sell the product the most effectively. Although brochures and promotional items are a great way to get your name seen and heard, it may not be the most effective. Think about the consumer of today, they pride themselves in being informed and savvy when it comes to what the market has to offer, and also what is a good buy.

Pop Up Displays | Show DisplaysSomething that the consumer of today needs in order to push them over the edge is an example of how the product could be used, or a demonstration actually showing them how easy their life could be with that product in it. This brings us to the importance of product demonstrations taking place within the display booths. Product demos not only draw attention to the exhibit, but they also force the potential customers to envision themselves owning and using the product. Once a consumer sees them self connected to a product; using it and making it a part of their everyday lives, it is much easier to convince them to buy it.
Choose a member of your booth staff that is a charismatic leader, who has a passion for the product line, and is also familiar with the product and why it is such a big seller. Work with this staff member and help them learn the pitch and to feel comfortable with it, eventually they will know it well enough to be able to adlib and make it seem as natural and fluid as possible. I would also suggest adding an audience component to the product demo. This is a great way for all of the prospects to feel included in the experience, which will also help you make the sale. Most importantly, remember to keep it short and sweet; and encourage your demo conductor to be relaxed and confident, and obviously to have fun!

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