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Entry Level Exhibiting

When it comes to exhibitors, there is a lot to learn and many skills to master before you are successful at it. Trade show events require a special person full of energy, dedication, and a passion for the products to be able to work the booth and represent the company well. Usually, there are 4 stages that exhibitors evolve through; at each level they reach a better understanding for what is required of them to be the best.

Stage 1 exhibitors who are attending there first show or event, do not realize that the trade show environment Table Top Displays | Show Displaysrequires them to adapt and change their behavior in order to accommodate every attendee. Exhibitors tend to behave re actively when first learning, because they do not know what else to do. They usually stand around the display booths and wait for a potential customer to approach them with inquiries about the company, etc. Rather than approaching trade show events with a reactive attitude, they should be proactive, by taking risks and approaching attendees with a greeting and some information about the company.

Research shows that many trade show attendees will not make the first move; so in order to reach the most people, exhibitors must be courageous and charismatic enough to draw traffic into the trade show booth. Once an exhibitor gets the opportunity to work an event they will begin to get the hands on experience they need in order to become successful. It is hard work to be on the show floor for sometimes as long as 8 hours at a time. You must have enough physical, emotional, and mental stamina to always put in 100% effort even after those long, exhausting hours. Exhibiting skills take time and patience to acquire. Having goals and a purpose will help make the process a little easier.

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