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Event Location

I am sure you are familiar with the real estate related slogan, “Location. Location. Location.” Well, the same is true for any trade show event planner. The only problem, in regards to the obsession with location, is that often times, your event location at a trade show is in the hands of the show manager who is the layout planner for the entire event.

Pop Up Displays | Show DisplaysThe key is to as always, plan ahead, and try to get the best location before many of the spots begin to fill up. Many times if you are a first-time exhibitor or you are a smaller organization, it will be harder to demand prime location. This prime location is often given to exhibitors with seniority, meaning that they are repeat exhibitors at the show, etc. You will just have to take what you can get in the beginning and work with what you have to make the most of the location.

Depending on where you are, you may have to put a little more effort into the size and style of your banner stands, to ensure that they are visible to the customer trafficking through. If you have a choice, you should make sure to choose carefully keeping a number of things in mind. The size of the space will determine how big your trade show displays must be in proportion. You must also think about the location of your competitors and whether you want to be close by at the exhibit, or further away to set yourself apart. It all depends on the preference of your company, and also what your booth staff is comfortable with. Many factors will play a part in the success of your trade show booth, but just remember to make your decision wisely and work with the space you have to succeed as a company and meet all of your goals.

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