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Exhibit Space - Does it Matter?

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The Center for Exhibition Resource reports that “the larger the exhibit, the better the chance of visitors remember it.” This may be ideal, but not all trade show exhibitors have the luxury of unlimited space and size. In many cases, the luxury of space makes the overall cost of the event too expensive, or there is just no additional space available for purchase at the actual event. There is no need to worry, simple attention to detail and décor can make up for a lack of space very easily. By putting innovative and attention-catching activities into practice with your trade show booth, you can create the traffic and attention that an otherwise larger space would demand. In order to make sure that size does not dictate success, you must calculate the ideal amount of space needed for your booth ahead of time, and then factor in any budget restraints that may disable you from getting what you want. You may also want to consider the possibility of display rentals to see what the cost advantages might be.

Remember to aim high, but not to allow your great expectations to muddle your vision for the overall show’s potential. Sometimes if you spend too much time hoping for 100 percent success with each visitor, you may miss an opportunity to capitalize on the most important ones. Realistically according to trade show research, only 8 percent of the trade show attendees will be potential customers interested in what your trade show exhibit has to offer; regardless if you purchased it or its a display rentals. From this 8 percent, only ½ of those attendees will take time to stop at your trade show booth. It is important to remember these numbers when planning for a trade show.

You may not necessarily need all the space that you had originally thought was imperative to your success. Renting a smaller space will cut your costs dramatically and allow for a larger budget that can enhance the space to make up for the size. Remember, there are display rentals in all sizes and shapes too. Having colorful banner stands and a unique trade show display design and theme, will draw attention and make up for the lack of size. Exhibit space is important, but your organizations ability to capitalize on every opportunity and make every trade show sale count is more beneficial in the end than how big your booth is.

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