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Exhibiting: Nature vs. Nurture

When deciding who the exhibitors will be for your next trade show, the decision should not be taken lightly. Working trade show booths is not something that everyone in the business is necessarily cut out for. To succeed you must have patience, mature social skills, stamina, and also an understanding of trade shows and how they work, and most importantly, what it takes to become a great exhibitor.

Table Top Displays | Show DisplaysYour exhibiting staff must realize that there is a big difference between appropriate behavior at work as opposed to events. Different things are to be expected of them on the event floor, because it is often times much more, fast paced, and cut throat of an environment. The exhibitors must understand the need to change from their ordinary work style in order to be successful in an environment where everything is different; for example you have to become comfortable selling right next door to all your big competitors who are selling at the same time, to the same people.

It is important to choose a booth staff who have a passion for the products, the company, and trade show events in general. This passion is not enough alone, you must be nurtured in this passion in order to turn it into refined talent. Exhibitors must be challenge in order to rise to their full potential.

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