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Give a Boost in your Trade Show Booth

Internet Connectivity and your Prospects

Keeping your prospects interested in your product or business is a timeless concern. Do you give them a lovely gift with your name emblazed upon the offering? Are these prospects armed with glossy brochures to peruse at their leisure?

 Yet, these attendees keep moseying along the aisles looking for the next lure. Did you know that the average trade show attendee spends between 1-3 minutes per booth? Attendees are savvy and come to trade shows with a defined agenda to accomplish. How can your booth dangle the carrot which will invite an attendee to linger longer? We will share with you how internet connectivity and prospects are the secret sauce to a budding relationship.

TSNN hosted a webinar regarding the increasing demand of connectivity at trade shows or events. The panel of experts: David Langford VP Technology – Smart City Network, Lydia Ochoa, Senior Event Manager San Diego Convention Center Corporation, Donella Evoniuk, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Senior Director, Conference Service, Ryan Roberts (representing ISTE – Network Engineer) shared a plethora of information about the inner workings of facilities and the issues they face with regards to keeping exhibitors and attendees well connected.

Wow, the challenge of providing connectivity to tens of thousands of people is a daunting task. Did you know that attendees can be good neighbors and power off their devices when not in use? Also, show organizers can predict the levels of usage based upon history and number of scheduled speakers and then try to plan adequate coverage. Yet, how can an exhibitor become part of the solution?

Exhibitors play a key role in the reasons why attendees want to be connected. Your product, your presentation and your business are reasons why the attendees need to be able to tweet, blog, email or pin. When considering how many exhibitors are displaying at a trade show, it begs the questions; What does internet connectivity have to do with your trade show booth and your ROI?

Here is a wonderful way to create a win/win and yes one more win for your prospects. Not only can you offer your prospect a comfy chair to rest upon and give them an opportunity to get charged up about your business but also give them a chance to charge their phones, ipad or laptop. Really! Offer a power strip, have a few chargers for the most popular phones and you will be considered a hero. People remember their heros!

On average it takes a phone 3-4 hours to charge. Your potential prospect will probably not spend 3-4 hours in your booth, but a chance to charge up a few bars, while learning more about your business may result in a wonderful connection that goes deeper than a superficial elevator pitch.

Think about adding this power strip to your booth and let us know how you have reaped the benefits. It just might be electrifying! provides their clients trade show display products as well as full service consultations to ensure a successful event.  For more information, contact us at or 800-342-9579.