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How to Avoid Marketing Mistakes

As many veterans of trade shows know, marketing is where the money is. Without a strong plan and solid goals your strategy may just get lost in the madness. The more prepared you are, the better your chances are of being successful at your next event.

Being prepared and panning ahead entail careful planning, smart and savvy promotion, and effective qualification of leads with immediate and persistent follow up. All of these things will help your organization meet and exceed all expectations.

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The success you will see from trade shows will depend on how devoted your organization is to the marketing plan, which should be involved in the entire process. This means that your marketing should start before the event, should continue strong throughout the event, and also to persist on into the future by following up with potential customers, etc.

To avoid many of the marketing mistakes made by companies every year at trade shows, remember a few easy ideas, to keep you and your organization on the right track. Make sure to set concrete, solid goals for the particular event. Always prepare your employees for everything good and bad that could occur at the trade show. Especially paying particular attention to the main trade show display spokespeople. Their training and experience is imperative to your overall success. Finally, make sure to follow up on all the leads you acquire at the trade show, these potential clients may be the key to your company’s future. Take every opportunity available to market your product and your name. At trade shows, there is always someone watching and waiting for the opportunity to get find what they are looking for…do not let an opportunity to assist them slip you by.

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