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How to Engage the Potential Customer

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Working in trade show booths is an important and crucial way of interacting with your existing customer base, while also engaging new potential leads at the same time. In order to receive the most out of your trade show experience you must always remember to be prepared and professional when hosting the booth. The attitude you have and the energy you are giving off can delegate the entire mood of the business exchange. If you seem unprepared and anxious, this will make your potential customer feel nervous and uneasy about doing business with your company. If you approach the sale with confidence and ease, you will encourage the customer to have faith in your business and be excited about the potential outcome of the purchase, etc.

One way to seem ready and to engage the customer while hosting the trade show booths is to have a few enticing questions prepared before the show based on the nature of the show, or your industry and product. This will help get the ball rolling when you start your day. It will make the exchanges go a little smoother in the beginning. Remember to always be very approachable and friendly. It is imperative that you establish rapport with the customer by showing them your expertise and knowledge, but also by building connections and common ground so that there is a point of relation to draw from.

Lastly, act like you care. At any trade show event you are there to provide a service to all attendees; that service should be to make them feel important and appreciate. After all, what would a trade show be, without trade show attendees visiting your trade show booths anyways? As long as you remember to have fun, and engage the customer, you will be on your way down the road to success.

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