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How to Qualify Leads #1

Often times, exhibitors and staff from your display stands tend to be a bit too abrasive when trying to qualify their leads and make the sale. It is important to train your exhibiting staff on appropriate techniques and boundaries at trade shows.

When the trade show event begins, the staff is so hyper and excited about the possibilities for success, because often times, they have just completed an extensive training by their superiors who pumped them up for major success. This leads to the exhibiting staff becoming a bit too excited and could potentially turn off attendees from wanting to buy your products and services.

Aggressive sales tactics are not always the best way to make a customer buy products and increase sales, and they do not seem to work at all in the trade show culture. Most trade show attendees are not at the event to make quick decisions, they are there so that they can look around at all their options and see what everyone else out their has to offer; so by bombarding them with catchy sales pitches, and abrasive, “in your face” techniques is not going to make the sale. Just remember that Trade Show attendees need their space in your display stands and want time to think. Give them the opportunity to see what you are all about, and give them an offer that they cannot refuse.

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