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How to Qualify Leads #2

A great way to approach a potential customer, is to make them not only think, but to truly believe that they are important to you, and that they have a place in your company.

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You must make them think that your products and services are what is really missing in their lives. The most effective salespeople, tend to listen more than they talk; they guide and lead consumers into conclusions about what they are providing. This is also how your exhibit displays staff should approach attendees. Train your exhibit displays booth staff to focus on what the attendee wants and most importantly, what the attendee needs, to figure out what would work best for them. Once you have figured that out, it will be less difficult to lead them into the next step of the sales process.

Focusing on trade show attendees needs is such a crucial step in the process that many salespeople tend to skip over because they get too excited. They become to eager to sell, sell, sell, that they forget that without a relationship or a connection of some sort, the sale is very difficult to get. Approaching the situation with care and concern for each potential customer, is good for your company’s reputation, and also gives you a better chance in the future to develop and establish a long-term relationship with consumers that will benefit you greatly in the future. Remember that your exhibit displays should be a welcome place for all visitors if you are to be successful.

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