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How to Qualify Leads #3

Having success with your trade show marketing plan, is not as simple as it looks, sometimes the plan does not exactly go according to schedule or expectation.

That is why it is your job to prepare your staff for every possible scenario and educate them on what is most important. Training your staff to approach trade show attendees in an appropriate way, is key to qualifying leads at the shows you attend. People do not want to feel obligated to stay and hang out in your trade show booths, if your products and services do not interest them. But if you are too threatening and abrasive in your approach, people can tend to feel cornered and trapped. All trade show booths visitors should be greeted in a way that opens the door to a healthy casual conversation where know strings are attached.Pop Up Displays | Show Displays

Make the visitor open up to you and continue in conversation, because sometimes the longer the conversation means, the more likely for a sale. Using this technique and the other ones mentioned in this series will help your team follow out the trade show booths marketing plan with success and a good reputation on top of that. You must train your staff to approach visitors and qualify them at the same time. It is a skill that must be learned and once it is mastered, the possibilities for success are endless.

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