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How to Write your Trade Show Press Release

When writing a press release for your upcoming event, you must be very careful in how you set the tone and also how the flow of the statement sounds. If you write your press release in a way that feels like advertising or a sales pitch, the press will not be interested. When preparing your next trade show press release, just remember to put yourself in the shoes of a journalist.

Pop Up Displays | Show DisplaysAsk yourself the questions: What would subject matter and details would interest a journalist? What format and word choice would catch the attention of a journalist? You must write a statement that will shed new light on a topic for a reader, or to enlighten them further on a topic that they are already familiar with. If you can manage to incorporate these things in your press release, you will effectively catch the attention of not only the media, but hopefully of your potential customers as well.

There are a few helpful tips that make writing press releases a little easier. You must remember to create a strong heading and title to catch the attention of the reader. Think of the title as the banner stands of your press release. It is used to draw in the audience to make a potential sale. If you can create a strong heading, you will get more people to read your statement. Also remember to keep it short and concise; if you can leave a little mystery, it will force people to stop by your trade show booth to get the rest of the information they desire. Lastly, offer an incentive for the reader if they pay a visit to your exhibit. This promotion will stick out in their minds and make it easier to remember who you are, and most importantly that they will be rewarded for stopping by your booth.

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