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The Importance of Feedback

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Trade Show Displays are a very time consuming and costly investment. If your company is devoting time, money, and energy to such an important cause, then it is imperative that you are receiving a great enough return to make it all worth your while. Deciding whether the benefits of trade show displays outweigh the costs will require organization, time, and research on your part.

After each trade show you must document the number of leads received, and from there keep track of how many actual sales happened as a result. Seeing on paper how much progress you have made as a result of trade shows, will allow you to decide for yourself if your company is benefiting as greatly as you would like.

The success of your organization in event marketing can depend on thousands of factors, and knowing what those are, is the key to finding the answers. Missing an objective as small as logo, trade show banner, or color choice, may be the result of some hidden mistake, that, if fixed, can produce much more success in the future.

How do you find out where these mistakes exist? Well, gaining some insight from your trade show displays team may be the perfect way. Within a few weeks of the particular event, hold a feedback, brainstorming session with your trade show displays team. This will allow everyone to take a few steps back and remove themselves from the chaos of the actual event. Everyone will have had time to think about the trade show, and what their perspective on it is.

 A great research tool, is to make up an evaluation form that your team members can anonymously fill out and be honest about. Often times, you may think you know what needs to be fixed, but the team members that are at the shows day in and day out seeing everything first hand, will be able to offer you invaluable information about what works and what does not. Take these evaluations seriously and listen to the feedback in order to move towards change.

Evolving towards success takes time and energy; do not miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. Your company’s ability to do this will be the true test of time and will validate your decisions when considering to purchase other trade show displays.

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