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The Importance of Pre-Show Briefing

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Some ask the question of relevancy when it comes to the idea of briefings prior to trade shows. Well, according to the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research, there is a 68% increase in converting visitors to your booth into qualified leads when your company and organization take the time to train the staff properly for each trade show, so that everyone is keyed into the important factors of a good presentation.
It is important to remember that planning a pre-show briefing session with all of your trade shows staff is not a simple task. You must plan ahead and make sure to set aside enough time to get it done right. If you do not have enough time to conduct a thorough efficient briefing, then there is no point in doing one at all. You need enough time to go through all of the steps in a detailed manner so that everyone understands and is able to follow directions accordingly. The idea of seeing a possible 68% increase in all potential leads that visit your booth, should be enough to make a pre-show briefing a top priority.
The pre-show briefing can be taught by someone in your company that a veteran of trade shows, and is aware of all the ins and outs of the organization to ensure that every topic is covered appropriately, or it can be done by a hired staff or consultant that comes to the company and holds a session for your booth staff and employees. Either way, it is imperative that enough time is set aside before the actual event to get this done. Booth staff plays such an important role of the success of your trade shows event; it is imperative that they are trained properly and prepared for whatever the event may bring their way.
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