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Marketing Tips

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Successful companies begin planning ahead for trade shows months in advance, to ensure the highest return on their investment and to make sure they get recognized in the marketplace while also increasing their customer base. In order to get the highest return from your involvement in a trade show, you must remember that marketing and advertising never stops.

It must be done in preparation for the trade show, during the trade show itself in your display stands, and most importantly after the trade show is complete.

Marketing in preparation for a trade show would entail advertising for the even on your website to familiarize people with the date, etc. You can post a calendar with a list of events and times throughout the year that they can participate in. You can also send out a mass newsletter to your current customer base to inform them of important events so that they can plan ahead and make sure to participate.

It is also important to advertise during the trade show itself; taking full advantage of the attendees and giving them information that will get your company’s name out in the public. Set your display stands up in a way that catches the attention of the crowd; advertise free giveaways on your conference displays and banner stands. Make customers fill out a general information sheet before participating. This is a quick and easy way to collect contact information so that a follow-up can be done in the future.

After the trade show use the contact information you collected in your display stand to do follow ups. Send out a newsletter or a thank-you bulletin, expressing your appreciation for their participation during the show, etc. All of these marketing tips will help your time and effort worthwhile. It is important to remember that marketing is a fluid concept; and consistency pays off. Hitting a customer from every angle will surprise and refresh them, making it easier to impact them with your brand and product.

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