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A Modular That Makes Sense!

Take a quick ride around the web and visit a variety of trade show display sites, and you'll see a host of what the industry calls "custom modular hybrid displays" which utilize tension fabric graphics, metal, and other common materials. The majority of them however, are almost downright laughable insofar as their design, structure, 

Entasi Displaysshape, accessories, curb appeal,  and overall style that they present. Who in their right mind would ever think of placing their product on one of these structures as you see to the right, and denigrate your brand to the point of market ridicule?

Well, there must be some out there that will, but why do so when you have a lineup of classy, well manufactured, and elegantly accessorized hybrids from Classic Exhibits? Take a look at what I mean! 

Sacagawea Custom Modular Hybrid DisplayThe display in the above right sells for $4,045 on a well respected web site. It comes complete with graphic, without lights, and ships in a box. How nice! Now compare that to the Sacagawea  hybrid display from Classic Exhibits on the left, which incidentally sells for $4,336 and includes graphics, lights, keyboard-counter, and a roto molded shipping case, and, if you need some accessories, you have plenty MOD-1243 Pedestalto choose from.

Let's start with the lightweight easy to set up MOD-1243 open back pedestal which breaks             LTK-1001 Sacagawea Counterdown and fits into a roto molded shipping case just like the Sacagawea exhibit itself. Now if you would like something with a little more security such as locking storage, then how about the LTK-1001 as shown on the left? But, what other accessories can be used to create a high profile look? Consider an overhead VK-1234 Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Displaycanopy in whatever color you want it to be, such as you see on the VK-1234 on the right? 

The Sacagawea line of custom modular hybrid displays has backwall keyboards, monitor mounts for your video presentation, and a variety of different shaped print-on graphics to mount to the frame, plus literature holders and sleek and rugged looking roto molded shipping cases to transport you investment safely where ever you go. So, if you're going to invest in a hybrid, then consider the Sacagawea where you can really move your companies image and brand forward with one simple, but well informed purchase.

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by Lowell Nickens,  LinkedIn Profile