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Trade shows are typically a part of doing business for most companies; a part of their yearly commitment to attracting new business, introducing new products, and making sure their company has a solid reputation within the industry. For some companies, this means participation in one yearly trade show opportunity; for other, this means participation in many trade shows throughout the year – each one offering its own specific benefits and reason why it holds appeal for each company. Of course trade show participation means the rental of booth space for each division of the company – a space (generally rented at a variety of sizes) where companies can set up shop and promote their products and services in whatever way they feel is appropriate. To this end, companies that want to make the best impression at trade shows often work with professional companies to help them design customized trade show displays. Trade show displays are unique ways for each company to “sell” themselves – an exhibit that makes use of images, text, and perhaps even multimedia components. But not all trade show displays work for every trade show. For companies that participate in several trade shows every year, it may make sense to have several trade show displays created for use when appropriate. For instance, trade show displays that incorporate more written messages as opposed to visual images may make more sense for industry trade shows; while trade show exhibits with more visual impact may be more appropriate in a situation where they are promoting their services to potential customers and clients. Trade show displays are an investment in trade show success and should be looked at this way. By working with professional companies to create multiple high-end trade show displays participating companies will always know they are prepared no matter what the situation.

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