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Out of the Box with Non-Traditional Trade Show Exhibits

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Companies that are able to think outside the box (a rather trite expression that is getting a lot of use lately but still applies in this situation) are able to redefine themselves around every turn and stay as competitive as they need to be in the corporate world; a challenge as things change and companies try to find new and better ways to serve their customers and clients most effectively. This dedication to remaining on the cutting edge ultimately extends to everything that a company does – and in every capacity in which they present the name and face of the business. In trade shows, for instance, companies compete on a smaller playing field for the attention of potential customers and clients, and even the attention of their industry peers. It subsequently becomes absolutely critical for companies to come to trade shows with their most comprehensive marketing plan put in place. Part of this marketing plan is the use of highly visually custom modular trade show exhibits that will promote the business along with allowing them to effectively compete against other companies that are essentially offering the same products and services. Unfortunately, what many people may envision as a good looking trade show display, are the boring linear displays of the past. Today, people are bringing their imagination to the table when it comes to creating multidimensional trade show exhibits that infuse color and multimedia components into the design. Even the flat back trade show exhibits of yesteryear have given way to trade show exhibits of all shapes and sizes. Modern exhibits and displays are interesting, multifaceted, and typically non-traditional in their size, scope and materials they’re constructed out of. Concepts such as hybrid and custom modular have become the buzz of the industry. More and more companies understand the value of coming to trade shows with high end, interesting trade show exhibits that effectively reflect the nature of their business and what they have to offer potential customers and clients.

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