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Paying Attention to Details: Plants and Flowers

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Event marketing is all about beating out your competitor to make a good first impression and ultimately make a sale. Often times, companies and organizations think that the only way to do this is to create the biggest, greatest trade show display at the event. It is true that colorful catchy banner stands, and beautiful craftsman trade show exhibits grab the attention of trade show attendees and could lead to a new customer and a potential sale; but what everyone is forgetting is that the little things are what also contribute to the overall picture and advertising message.

Many exhibitors would say that plants and flowers and other booth accessories are a waste of space and money. Actually flowers and plants can serve many purposes in your trade show display along with your banner stands. They can be placed around a table or in a location at the booth that may look empty or harsh; this will immediately soften the look and polish the overall style of the booth in general.

It is true that your huge banner stands or showstopper top of the line display booth will be the first thing to grab the attention of the attendees, but you must also have a backup plan to keep them occupied once inside your booth.

 If you go the extra mile and pay attention to detail with strategically placed accessories such as a vase of fresh flowers or a classy potted plant, this will convey the message to all attendees that you are taking the show seriously. If you spend that much time on the trade show display booth and supporting banner stands, then you will probably spend that much time on your customers. If you can get them to make that connection, then in my opinion, the flowers are well worth it. Click here for additional information regarding Trade Show Displays.

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