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The Pitfalls of Poor Quality : A Case Study, Part I

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Image, Inc. was a new video production company on the scene – a group of advertising agency defectors that pooled their resources to start a company that catered to delivering smaller businesses the high end video product they needed but with the personalized customer service that was often lacking from the larger sized vendors. Their initial customer base was derived largely from word of mouth – culled from their original client roster from their old company.

But as the months went by, company management knew that it was time to step out of their comfort zone in an effort to Trade Show Displayswin more business and, on a larger scale, introduce this fledgling company to their industry peers. With an upcoming industry trade show looming, the decision was made to look at prices for trade show displays and possibly make an appearance at the show as a participant. Trade show displays at the upcoming show were relatively inexpensive in the larger scheme of things and the company pounced on the opportunity to have a presence in a show that would include advertising agencies, other production companies, and a host of marketing professionals that could certainly utilize their services. But when the time came to set up shop, the representatives from Image quickly realized that they were seriously outclassed in terms of trade show displays.

Other companies – many that had only half the of the services that Image offered and were largely ill-equipped to provide the hands-on, personalized service that Image advertised as one of their service benchmarks – were fully decked out with trade show displays that were visually stimulating and chock full of multi leveled media displays. For Image, a company that was supposedly on the cutting edge of video production services, their obvious lack of video components in their trade show booths sent a significant message to those they were trying to impress. In the next post we will continue to explore the reasons that trade show displays are so vitally important to the overall success of a company.

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