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The Pitfalls of Poor Quality : A Case Study, Part II

Trade Show Displays Tip:

In the last post we discussed the experience of Image, Inc., a video production company that while just starting out, was interested in making their industry premier at an upcoming trade show. Having looked into purchasing trade show booths and having made a decision to participate, the company came to the trade show woefully unprepared to match the quality of trade show displays boasted by other companies. While Image was a vibrant, young organization with boundless creativity and talented employees, their trade show booth properties did nothing to represent these qualities and their effort fell flat.Trade Show Displays | Poor Quality Displays

What is so detrimental in this regard is that trade shows are the events during which companies should really shine – especially if they are new on the scene. It’s been said that there are no second chances to make a first impression and nowhere is this more evident than in the trade show experience. Had Image looked into a professionally created trade show booth they would have understood the cost to benefit ratio better. The importance of coming dressed to the nines in a trade show environment cannot be underscored enough; trade show booths are the outfits worn by companies – the exterior by which they are judged by peers and potential customers.

Ultimately, trade show displays are an investment in the company’s future – especially when you consider how many such events the company will participate in over the course of years to come. In fact, some companies choose to create multiple displays similar to what you find in the hybrid display line – different designs that speak to different audiences – so that they are covered for whatever the possibility or if the company is participating in multiple trade shows at the same time. You can be sure that Image will come much better prepared to their next trade show – with trade show booths that speak to their skill, their talent, and their commitment to impressing their client.

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