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Pop Up Displays - They're Good in The Right Place!

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

For years, pop up displays have been the "knee jerk" purchase when buying trade show exhibits for most consumers, but is that a big mistake? I've always said that Pop Up Displays do have their place in the trade show world; it's just determining what that place is, which is where so many people run into trouble.

Far to often new comers to the exhibiting world have a mindset that says that says; "all I need to do is show up and smile and business will come my way." So that we can look at this in a little more rational way and come to some logical conclusions, let's go down the list of a few scenarios where you would be projecting your image with a pop up display:  

1) Your company is exhibiting over the weekend in the local mall and the mall management has given the exhibitors strategically placed locations in the middle of the aisles from which you can get peoples attention and visit with them as they move from one store to another. Good idea? Yes, probably is because most of the exhibitors will, in all likelihood, have only a table top display at best. You'll probably look light years better than most.Trade Show Displays | Pop Up Displays

2) Your company is exhibiting in a chamber of commerce after hours event to get new members acquainted with existing members and you wish to expose your services to potential buyers. Good idea? Yes, probably is as you'll look better than at least half of the participants that are exhibiting; especially if you've created a graphic package that smartly represents what your business offers.

3) Your state convention is coming up and you're wondering if pop up displays is the image you want to project to a statewide audience. Good idea? Yes, probably is because on a statewide basis, table tops are still the most popular and you'll still stand out in the crowd.

4) Your regional convention is being held in San Francisco and you want to attract a regional clientele for your business, and at least a half dozen of your direct competitors are going to be exhibiting there plus 2 of the competitors market their services on a national basis. Good idea? This is where it begins to get tricky. Hmmm, maybe not! Why you ask? Well what's your plan to differentiate yourself from your competitors if you're using concave shaped pop up displays that 50% of all the exhibitors in the hall use; therefore you'll look exactly alike everyone else; guaranteed! Or is that your plan to blend in with everyone else? I hope not!

5) Now you're considering exhibiting in your industries national convention; this is where is gets worse! How are you going to differentiate yourself plus look the part of a "market leader" when you're looking like one of the other guys with a pop up displays booth? If you want to look like the small regional guy that's fine, but people who buy from people nationally at some point want to be doing business with one of the big dogs in the industry, or at least with somebody that looks like it at least.

Where do you fit in? Now keep in mind, if you have a one of a kind product, you can probably get away with using a pop up without any ill effects. So what is the bottom line? It all boils down to how you look up next to your competition with any type of portable displays including pop up displays: PERIOD-end of story! In my next blog on this subject, I'll explore what "looking better than your competition" really all about.

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