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Preparing the Media Kit

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Preparing your media kit is an important factor and a key to a successful and smooth trade show event within the confines of your trade show booths. In addition to the media lease, your kit should also have included facts and statistics, sales sheets, samples of recent published stories, product brochures, background information about your organization, a sample of the product, photographs, and also any additional details that the media would need in order to properly tell the story and share the image of your organization and their story.

After this is all assembled, you should place the media kit in entirety into a glossy, clean, presentation folder or any other attractive, eye-catching, packaging that will make it easy and convenient for the media to carry around with them, and back to the office. If it is packaged in an interesting, bold way it will help to catch the attention of the reader, and create a positive, memorable first impression.

Many larger shows and events will have a media room within the venue where the press and media gather together. If this is occurring at a trade show you are attending and exhibiting in your trade show booths, just ask if your media kit could be displayed there for higher viewing traffic. To find out if this is an option, you can check with the event show manager for details. Also remember that at least a few copies of your media kits should be held back in your trade show booths in order to have available if any media representatives on the show floor decide to visit your booth. You last key to media kit success is to remember to follow up with your recent media contacts with periodic phone calls, or email reminders.

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