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Preparing Your Booth Staff for a Trade Show

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Planning for a trade show can be a very time consuming job; figuring out the details and plan of attack can take weeks, even months alone. Once at the event it is really up to the exhibit displays staff to make it all worth your while in the end. Remember that you only have a few moments to engage a prospective client; those few moments are crucial and having the right staff to maximize on that time is imperative to your success.

 Make sure to assign enough staff to each trade show; this will ensure that you have a sufficient number of staffers to handle all of the people trafficking through your exhibit displays. Having enough staff is important, but what is even more important is making sure that the staff is properly trained and prepared for the show. This will mean that each staff member should have a good idea of his or her role in the trade show overall; and also that they are aware of the ideals of the organization and the attitude that is needed to portray to all potential customers.

If many of your employees are going to be exhibit displays staff for the first time, it would be a good idea to sit down with them and explain to them the ins and outs of the actual event. You must stress professionalism and good marketing and sales techniques. Try to prepare them for the worst and hope for the best. If all of your staff is on the same wavelength it will help with communication and execution during crunch time at the actual event, when it really counts.

Most importantly, remember to let your exhibit displays staff have fun. Stress to them, that a positive attitude and passion for the trade is going to make the sale. If your booth staff is having fun, chances are, every attendee that pays your display booth a visit will have a little fun as well.

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