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Rentals - Rule #3 - Managing the Electrical

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

How trade show electrical has changed! Not just for display rentals but for all trade show booths. Once upon a time you could get a 500 watt outlet for $20-$30 and plug in your extension cords and be on your way. The only time you needed to pay for labor is if you needed to have the power wired into an electric motor or some other device. Then, as we all fondly remember the good old days in Chicago at McCormick place when the electricians had jurisdiction over screwing in our light bulbs? Well those really are the good old days now that we know what the present day looks like at most trade shows.Trade Show Accessories | Trade Show Lighting

One day in the not too distant past, renting a 500 watt outlet for a bazillion dollars wasn't enough; nooooooo, you needed to pay a labor charge for putting the plug in the back center of the booth where it was always been put. When that wasn't enough sticker shock, you now had to buy a 500 watt outlet in each location where you needed power; none of this using 100 watts here, 300 over there, and another 50 up front. You now have to purchase a 500 watt outlet in each location; how convenient.

So what does that have to do with Display Rentals? Everything! First, you should take some time to rent a display where the power needs are well thought out. That includes using L.E.D. light throughout the booth. All told, they use about 1/20 the amount of power as halogens and run much cooler as well.

Second, if you have the ability to do so, order any product or equipment with long power cords so they can be extended from the location where they're used in the booth to the main power supply. That will, to some degree, alleviate purchasing the power and labor for multiple 500 watt outlets in your rental displays.

Thirdly, bring your own cube taps and power strips so you won't have to rent these items from the show electricians, but be sure to purchase the power strips that are rated for at least 15 amps. 

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