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Selecting Trade Show Exhibits

Shopping on the internet for any type of trade show exhibits can mean very different things for just about everybody who shops with us. Much of the time we are called upon to provide a certain degree of knowledge and assistance in helping our clients choose the product that is right for them, and then walk them through a well thought out plan of execution culminating in the event they’ve been planning the purchase for. It’s important to keep in mind that no two clients have exactly the same needs in terms of which trade show exhibits they choose, and because everyone who calls us has a different level of experience and probably a different budget, we have to be sensitive to each unique situation.

In our 30 plus years in this industry, we’ve seen many different types of trade show exhibits come and go; some good and some we’re glad to see go away, but in the end, we must offer the best advice in order to create a happy client and most important of all, a return customer. The bottom line is that we stand behind our advice that we offer our clients and if for some reason something doesn’t turn out as promised, we always make it right with those who have entrusted their confidence in us.

Because we offer such a wide range of trade show exhibits from inexpensive banner stands to mid range products such as pop up displays and the new hybrid tension fabric displays, on up to large island booths costing as much as $100,000, we have to know what we’re talking about and we do. We not only assist you in the planning and production of any size trade show exhibit that you’re interested in, but we can also assist you in areas of shipping, electrical, drayage, and even booth storage. Our on staff designer can work with you on a simple layout of your graphic header or provide full blown design of an entire booth or corporate identity package including the creating of the digital files needed for your final graphic output.

One last thing, we also happen to reside in the same city as the builder and supplier of most of the major trade show exhibits we supply our clients with; Classic Exhibits. This allows us to provide project management on a variety of levels in a very cost effective manner. Oh, did I say that since we live in a state without a sales tax, so we don’t have that to pass along to you either.

I hope you will feel free to call us and let us show you how the process of purchasing trade show exhibits on can be.

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