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Selling Your Personality at Trade Shows

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

When preparing for a trade show it is crucial that all team members are prepared and energized to present a product or an idea to the consumer. This preparation not only includes knowing everything there is to know about the product you are selling, but also the tools in which to sell the product as well. You may go to an event with the best trade show exhibit known to man, but if there is not a substantial amount of personality behind that beautiful portable display, I think you may find out that something is missing. is a great site for portable displays where the possibilities for trade show success are endless. I would just advise having a healthy balance of brains and beauty in your plan of attack. In recent years the technology and capabilities of the new portable displays have come so far; because of these advancements I think that it is even more important to make sure your trade show display representatives have evolved right along with it.

Remember that a positive attitude and willingness to meet and greet with those around you throughout the day will bring more traffic to your trade show exhibit display. Attempt to catch the customer’s interest and attention by using eye-catching graphics on your portable displays and designs on your banner stands to communicate clearly with your audience. 

After the initial interest is shown, the most crucial part of the customer interaction will then come from the company representative. Engage in conversation with the consumer; recommend a product you provide that can meet their needs; and finally make a point to exchange information with the possibility of a future contact. Most importantly always remember that good portable displays should always be accompanied by a savvy sales representative ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make that sale.

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