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Sparkle Like a Diamond with Your Trade Show Exhibit

A well designed trade show booth does indeed sparkle like a diamond.  A display that has a clear and enduring message attracts prospective clients, curious attendees as well as the eye of the ever watchful competition.

All trade show booths should have the allure, appeal and timelessness of the treasured diamond. Keeping your booth authentic takes the mindset of a true miner, one must hew the message, shape the purpose and lay the groundwork for future excavation.

Recently, one single perfect diamond was purchased for £13.5 million (roughly $21.5 million USD) at auction. The 76-carat Archduke Joseph diamond is a rare gem that broke all records in terms of cost per carat. What caused this diamond to be so valuable? This flawless diamond outclassed all of the Four C’s of diamond valuation; carat, cut, clarity and color.

13.5 Million British Pounds Archduke Joseph Diamond

How can you create a trade show display booth that surpasses all of the Four C’s for Exhibiting?

Carrot: What carrot are you dangling in front of your prospects? Do you have a new product, innovative business, compelling message? Is this carrot weighty enough to be relevant to your targeted market? Will this carrot be proudly shown to others by your prospects?

Cut: Is your trade show booth a cut above your competition? Do you have a significant point of view that helps to keep you separate from any other business? What are you doing that differentiates your business from your competition? Take a look at your competition and how your business differs. Celebrate this business angle by focusing on how your approach is a cut above the others.

Clarity: Is your message clear and flawless? Will attendees be able to understand who you are? The clarity of your signage is significant; this is how your ability to convey quality shines through. The transparency of your message leaves subtle clues as to how you conduct your business transactions.

Color: Trade shows are fraught with an abundance of color – signs, carpet, drapes, swag, etc. How does your use of color, white space and negative space allow for your brand to shine? A good graphic designer has the skilled eye to bring your message forward by using elements of design and color. Use color to your best advantage.  Be certain that your use of color is purposeful and attractive.

To craft a beautiful trade show booth takes time and thought. The pressure of training your staff then compressing your full business into a small space is an opportunity for prominence.  Show your worth; be like the diamond: the perfect gem. Then, your trade show booth and message will be enduring. provides their clients trade show display products as well as full service consultation to ensure a successful event. For more information, contact us at or 800-342-9579.

Photo Credit: Reuters