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Things to Remember in Your Pre-Show Briefing

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

When deciding what to include in your pre-show briefing, it is important to look at all the important keys to success, and then consolidate them into a clear and concise list that will help you. In this article I am going to break down a few easy elements to add to your briefing to ensure success and confidence in your booth staff whose manning your trade show exhibit. 

The first thing to include is a detailed description of the particular trade show event. This will include familiarizing your staff with the show amenities, layout, timing, location, etc. This may seem minuscule to you, but to the untrained eye, shows can be so overwhelming and difficult to comfortably maneuver without this necessary rundown of the lay of the land. Remember to be patient and include this overview in your briefing to make sure you create a strong foundation for your staff. Next you want to introduce your exhibiting objectives to your staff. They need to know their purpose and what they are capable of doing so that they feel included and like an integral part of the whole exhibit experience overall. It doesn't matter if you have table top displays or an island trade show exhibit; it's still important. Allowing your staff to feel important will motivate them to put in more effort for the benefit of the company as a whole.

It is also important to include a trade show exhibit overview in your briefing. This will include describing your trade show booth features, details on how to keep the look of the display polished and put together at all times, as well as details about in-booth demonstrations, promotional giveaways, etc. It is helpful for them to remember why and how things work, to help them run the booth to the best of their ability. The schedule of the booth staff is also important. Each staffer needs to know when and where they are supposed to be at all times. Lastly, you need to understand each individual staffers strengths and weaknesses, so that you can appropriately place them in the right position behind the booth.

Make sure to take your time and clearly explain all of these steps so that the staff feels comfortable going into the event, and you make sure to get the most out of every opportunity to present your organization in a positive light, and make the most return on your trade show exhibit and booth space investment.

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