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Time Management Practices

A Trade Show Displays Tip:

One of the keys to an effective booth presentation is to use your time wisely, while also meeting all of your event objectives within that time frame. Trade shows are a great place to capture the interest of a potential customer, but it is not necessarily the best place for a long, detailed discussion. An in depth conversation is better left for a follow-up meeting where there are no distractions or time restraints. You are much more likely to answer all of their questions and explain all of the details of the products and company.

The pace of trade shows is very quick and fluid; everyone is always on the move and racing the clock to visit all of the booths that spark their interest. If your booth presentation inhibits attendees from being able to move quickly throughout the exhibits, then you may not get as much foot traffic through your booth.

Because time is so precious, your booth presentation should only be long enough to meet all of the objectives and to generally inform the public about your company or organization, and why they should choose you. You want to deliver a great presentation that leaves the attendee wanting more. Work hard to develop an exciting presentation that will work with your exhibitor’s time restraints. Trying to keep your presentation at your trade shows under 10 minutes will help narrow down the information, and force you to choose what is most important. Remember to only include the key elements, and leave them wanting more in a follow-up visit.

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