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A Trade Show Displays Tip:

Trade shows over the years have become highly visual mediums used to communicate a wide variety of images, ideas, and concepts to those passing through the trade show halls of America, and monitor stands for use with trade show displays have been over the years, a difficult commodity to deal with respect to integrating into trade show booths for a variety of reasons. Consider this:

Over the years, the size, shape, and quality of monitors keeps changing every day. Just when you calculated that the 50” monitor was out of your league price wise, they’d come down $2,000 and fit the budget perfectly. Now, rather than taking two hefty men to hoist a monitor up about 4’ high on your trade show displays, most often just one person can handle the job.Counters, Pedestals, Kiosks, & Workstations | Monitor Stands

Monitors now have the ability to be connected to not only DVD’s and laptops, but can even receive a signal from a cell phone if needed. Packaging has taken a big step forward along with the newer monitors that can easily withstand a few bumps and bruises and perform to perfection.

Lowell Nickens, owner of an online retail site called says; “I have many clients who I even offer to go out to Costco and buy the monitor for them, take it to the manufacturer's plant for packaging, and mount the monitor bracket on the back so all they have to do is open the case and lift the monitor out and up onto the receiving brackets which are already mounted on their trade show displays, and the work’s done! The fact that I take all the hassle out of their hands is a major selling point.”

In the past, bringing monitors to trade shows hasn’t been a very convenient way of getting your message out to your visitors in the booth. Now that the price of the purchase of a monitor, and convenience of getting them to the show is so much easier, I’m certain that you’ll see many more exhibitors planning for monitors when they make future purchases of trade show displays.

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