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Trade Show Exhibit Planning: Stage 3

Once you have picked a location, make a list of goals and objectives, and created a theme and design for the trade show exhibits, you must now start putting together the final touches. At this time, it is probably a good idea to begin putting together a marketing plan that will lead you and your team up to the event.

Your marketing plan is so much more than just trade show exhibits design and slogans, etc. You must develop and create a plan that works with the system of your company and also your event staff. No one wants to begin a new program six months before a big event that is not normally how they, are used to dong things. The more familiar something is to your team, the easier it is going to be to get them to do it.Flat Panel Displays | Show Displays

In this marketing plan it would be a good idea to include how the mailers and e-mails are going to be designed, and even thinking about the smaller details such as what you want the literature to look like that you are going to pass out at the event and in some cases even leave in the hotel you are staying at for advertising. At the six month stage, it is a little too soon to begin sending out fliers and e-mails, etc. but it is going to take quite some time to create a design, get them printed and have everyone on the team agree to what the final outlook is going to be. That is why planning ahead is always key in preparing presentations with trade show exhibits.

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