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Trade Show Exhibit Planning: Stage 4

After you have completed the last three stages described in earlier posts, it is now time to hit the ground running and pull together all the unfinished details so that by the time the trade show event begins, you are fully prepared and ready to tackle the task at hand.

A few months before the event, you should really make the final decision on the complete event staff. Who is going to be on location at the trade show booth making all of the action happen. Once you have decided who the staff members are going to be, it is important to train them with the appropriate material needed for that particular trade show. This includes developing tentative scripts for them to follow loosely when trying to approach qualified leads and attendees passing by the display stand. This would also be a good time to review the exhibitor’s manual to make sure that your trade show booth staff is willing to comply with the rules of the event, and know what those rules are so there are no surprises.Pop Up Displays | Show Displays

Once your staff has been briefed on all the details, they will begin to anticipate the upcoming event and hopefully prepare themselves accordingly. It is usually a good idea to choose event attire at this time as well. Look back at the theme of your event and also what the goals and objectives are for this particular event; then gather all team members around for a quick brainstorming session on colors and design logo for your t-shirts or polo shirts, etc. You may want to coordinate the color of the attire your wearing with the trade show booth. Once you have decided what they are going to look like, make sure to put your order in for them, so that they have arrived before you leave for the event. If your staff knows what they are expected to do, and why it is necessary for them to follow these goals and objectives, you will be much more likely to be successful. Your event staff will look qualified and seem professional which is always a good reflection for attendees to see.

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