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Trade Show Exhibits

Occasionally I’ve been aware of exhibitors doing this, and quite honestly I’ve tried to ignore the practice because in such bad taste, but at a recent show I saw so many exhibitors doing this that I had to make a few comments in my blog.

The practice of buying two or three banner stands and setting them next to each other and pretending you’ve just created a ten foot trade show exhibit, is bordering on insanity; no, stupidity! Why you ask, let me tell you:

1) Your trade show exhibit is your storefront away from home, and unless your “for real” storefront is in the skid row section of your hometown, you haven’t improved yourself one iota.

2) Exhibiting and presenting one’s product or service via a nice looking and appealing trade show exhibit is an effort to look better than those around you; especially your competitors. Slapping 3 banner stands together won’t cause you to stand out at a grade school science, fair let alone a group of corporate exhibitors.

3) If the banner stands actually have a theme and images that are continuous from one end to another, it could make some sense, but most of the time people try and take 3 different themes and put them together and pretend that the total will be greater than the sum of the parts when in fact it is just the opposite.

4) Successful business have an image to uphold too, and conducting business with somebody that is the modern day equivalent of the door to door tin siding salesman isn’t appealing to somebody who considers themselves a market leader. If you don’t care enough about your image to be the best you can be, then why would somebody want to buy from you?

5) The marketing person who makes decisions like this cares more about inconveniencing himself rather than the brand of the company, and if that person will willfully sacrifice the company’s image at a trade show in front of his peers and potential customers, you have to wonder where else he might strike.

Yes, creating a trade show marketing plan complete with a trade show exhibit and graphics with collateral material to support a consistent message takes time and effort to achieve, but in the end it’s well worth it because sooner or later you’ll attain that elusive goal called “success.”

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