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Trade Show Planning: Stage 1

Once you have held brainstorming sessions with your staff and decided what your key objectives and goals are going to be for events that you attend, it is then time to pick which trade shows you are going to attend for the year, or even the next 3 year plan, if you want to really get ahead of the game.

Once you pick the events that you are going to attend you must begin planning and preparing immediately. First, you are going to want to register your company for that event, to make sure that you are able to participate and that you are able to afford the deposit and any other expenses. You will want one of your team members to make a phone call to the organizers asking them for inside information. You can inquire about the traffic patterns on the floor at past events and also submit your application for display booths with deposit at that time to ensure that you are able to reserve your space early. After you have made registration arrangements, there are a few immediate plans you have to set up to make sure everyone will be able to get there and also that accommodations are met. This means that if the trade show is in another region that is too far to travel by car or bus, that you must arrange for the event staff to travel by plane and that all the budget requirements are met and everything is accounted for including the purchase of the display booths.Flat Panel Displays | Show Displays

After you have set up travel arrangements, you must arrange for hotel accommodations and in some cases rental car arrangements. If the show is taking place in a convention center, and is a big event, often times those rooms can fill up months in advance so you must make sure to plan ahead. After all of the immediate arrangements are set up, you then have to begin to research. Once you have solidified your spot at the event, you can take a deep breath, but do not relax just yet, there is much more planning ahead.

This is just a good way to make sure you have a spot for your display booths at the show, before you begin planning. All in all, the pre-show preparation is so crucial to your success; that it should not be taken lightly. Remember, that how you plan, is often times how the trade show will turn out. If you are unorganized and irresponsible, that is probably how the event will turn out for you and your staff. Stay on top of the ball right from the beginning, it will save you time and energy in the long run, and ensure your success in the future.

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