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Using Lighting to Your Benefit

When trying to choose the right lighting for your trade show exhibits, remember that your choices are endless. Special lighting effects can help create the mood for your trade show display; they can create anything from a serene mood to a, “in your face,” “attention-catching” mood that will be hard for any attendees to ignore.

Trade Show Display Accessories | Show DispalysHowever you choose to set up your lighting can help you create any mood you would like to set, and will also make your exhibit look polished and put together.

A performance light, such as the Lumina 1 Low Voltage light, can work as a spotlight to create a dramatic effect by causing your display to stand out in the crowd. This type of lighting is offered as incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen spotlights. The fluorescent lighting has been found to produce the most energy efficient light, while also having an extremely long life. Incandescent lighting is the most commonly used type of light bulb, as it is the kind of light found in a standard bulb. Lastly, halogen lighting is long lasting as well, and can also be found in many spotlights.

Another great way to highlight your exhibit is to use accent lighting to help particular areas of your booth stand out more than others, the lighting will help add dimension and texture to your products and images so that they look polished and “important.” A great light that is used to accent your banner stands at the booth is the Lumina 2 Low Voltage 35 Watt Light, it mounts to a vertical banner stand and makes it very easy to set up and highlight without extra effort. These products will help smooth out the finishing touches of your display, and add extra depth and dimension where needed to set you apart from any competition.

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