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10 Ft Magellan Modular Hybrid Displays

Be a successful competitor at your industries next trade show with the Magellan line of Custom Modular Hybrid Displays which feature the elegant use of curves to highlight your presence. Be prepared to be astonished at the effect that the large format dye sublimation graphics, and stylish extrusions have, in presenting your product and vision to your potential clients at your next trade show

Expect less, much less from the Expect less, much less from the Magellan Miracle Trade Show Display from Classic Exhibits. With Magellan Displays, you can expect much less from you new trade show display. Our Magellans definitely weights less, costs less, and can be constructed in less time than most any other modular display system. All Magellan Displays are created from MODUL extrusions with fabulous curved pieces and large dye sublimation graphics for a look that will bring envy to your competitors on the show floor. Available in 10 and 20 foot booths widths Accessories include portable workstations, monitor mounts, halogen lights, and pedestals.